Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best Traffic Exchanges

Ever wanted to get more traffic to your website or blog? Too hard to work out how to perform SEO on your site? Here's the answer: Traffic Exchanges!

TE, or Traffic Exchanges, work very simply. You view other peoples websites for a set amount of time, in return for another member viewing your site. That may seem like a lot of time wasted viewing other peoples sites, but over time you can earn bonuses on traffic exchange sites and even gain your own referral downline! 

Referral downlines in Traffic Exchanges mean that you get a percentage of their clicks, maybe 10% or even higher, so if a referral views 10 webpages, you get 1 view to your website! This can add up to a substantial amount.

Okay, so now you know what they're about, I present to you the best traffic exchanges on the internet.

No. 1: This site has many great features, including 1:1 traffic ratio, over 550,000 users, more than any other TE, Five levels referral program and many other features that you won't find anywhere else. Join this site by clicking HERE:

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

No. 2: Along with many other features, has autosurf, which means that you can open up a browser tab and leave it running on automatic, getting traffic by just having a browser tab open! The only downside of this is that the people viewing your site may be doing the same thing and not really paying attention to your site. However, you can get some good quality traffic over time. Join by clicking HERE:


No. 3: - This is the upgraded version of - with a better system. It's just as good as 10khits now. Check it out for yourself:

No. 4: Another great traffic exchange site that offers a lot of traffic. Unlike the other sites here, It offers a "like" feature on your advertisements which links it to facebook. This has huge benefits, as your ad can go viral. Join by clicking here:

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  3. i have Qustion any one help etorobux and etoro are same site ????????????????????

    1. Etoro is a forex trading network, which is basically trading currencies i.e. australian dollars to us dollars to indian rupees, just to try and make a profit out of it. Not recommended, as it's pretty much the same as online gambling. Etorobux, on the other hand, is a plain and simple paid to click site. Just like neobux or ptcbox or clixsense, except that it is new and has not proven itself to be trusted yet. So you'd be better going to a trusted site like neobux or clixsense. Hope this helps. Cheers.

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